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By: hosangudayan | July 31, 2019

When you are familiar with the Dragon Ball concept, then the game is quite easy to start with. Although Bandai Namco has introduced a card-based combat technique in this version of Dragon Ball Game and that is quite interesting and unique in these kinds of games.

In this article, we will issue you some fundamental tips about the new combat technique as well as the tricks for the beginners in dragon ball combat.

Dragon Ball Legends tips to become Super Saiyaan in battle.

Basics of battle

You battle against three on your enemy with a sum of 3 players. All you have to do is prevent the opponent from winning the fight. In essence, you must exhaust the energy bars of all your opponent's heroes before any of your hero's energy bar persists with some.


During the fight, you can shift between your traits. And you have the liberty to do that as often as you want. So if a personality pulls out or their energy meters burn out, you should swap them instantly with someone else.


By taping the portrait at the upper-right edge of the display, you can change between the protagonists. And if you've taken a personality out of battle, his picture turns black. It shows as refreshed and it can be re-initiated when the portrait becomes white.


Card Mechanism


You've got two attack packs and two defence cards. Both the attack and defence cards can be used to assault or protect your opponent from the melee or a range of assaults. 


Set of Cards are continually refreshing in each time you go for battle. Also, these cards are determined based on the characteristics of your heroes selected in the fight.


As you start with four cards in hand, you can use them one by one. Once a card gets expired, you can use the next within a few seconds.


Attack and defence


For a time, a direct hit will harm you seriously or will even disable you. But your enemy's assaults cannot be blocked. You need to perfectly time your swipe to get away from the enemy hit line. A perfectly timed swipe is the only way to disable all the effort of the opponent to stun you with their attack.


Besides, you get a Vanishing Bar to be drained when you swipe or dodge from the enemy hit the line.


Characters can also be switched between turns, and when this happens, the new hero will have a filled Vanishing Meter.


Once you start an attack, you choose to band the Rising Rush and various cards to move attacks and cast off the energy of the enemy.


After charging your KI, you can conduct Special Moves jointly. Since this will usually be utilized in the fight, your KI can drop rapidly.


You should get the maximum distance from the enemy while time to recharge it,

Art Cards


The Art Cards are another significant part of the fight. They occur at the edge of the display in a line. They use your Ki to replenish the opponent with a sequence of lethal blasts that trigger colossal harm.

Wrap up

You will have to learn, think and react to shots of the AI or a player to master the battle in Dragon Ball Legends. Our above dragon ball legends cheats are quite constructive and will give you the perfect combo of attack and defence mechanism. 

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