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By: hosangudayan | August 19, 2019

complete beginners guide for the chapters interactive stories

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a mobile game designed and released by Crazy Maple Studio - the developers of the other mobile game, Tap Knights: The Fate War.

Chapters: One such game of interactive storytelling that eventually overthrew the concept of learning and gaming. Designed and released from the creative mind of Crazy Maple Studio, It is another fiction based game that has been described as the Third version of reading a novel by the developers.

The game passes through books published by authentic writers and is then created through the interaction between the story and the player and displayed in the shape of the game.

Liu Cixin, the recipient of the Hugo awards, is one of the renowned writers discovered to add to the promotion of the sci-fi tales. Here is a complete game review you should know about.


In the game, you need to decide on decisions of complicated lives like falling in love, finding secrets, and unravelling profound mysteries! Make your decisions wisely; it's distinct everywhere! Your choices create a different ending all over in the game. 


Chapters: Interactive stories originally included only four books and two main genres, romance and horror. Since then, as the game evolved and expanded, hundreds of more books have been released.

There are a variety of genres that you currently find in the game, and some of them are quite popular among the young gaming community. These types include Sweet Romance, Steamy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Mystery / Thriller, Young Adult, Fantasy / Sci-fi and many more.


By obtaining multiple achievements such as successfully completing segments or purchasing bonus life choices, card collections are unlockable. The user will receive the ultimate reward sheet showing a new title for the novel after gathering all card packs.


You will have the opportunity to select a lovely glance for your appearance in this game. The simplest way to do this is to give your character an outstanding image that can contribute more cards to your account. Feel free to create a sturdy look in your personality as it can assist you in getting more tickets.

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Simple Gameplay Features

·  Most featured personalities ' sizes vary from their late adolescents to their early thirties.

·  In each novel, diamond decisions can be discovered, with a speed of 2-5 per section.

·  Once you purchase a diamond option, the next moment you record the section, it will be safe.

·  The user will receive a diamond by completing a section for the first moment.

·  The contestant will also receive ten diamonds from the first seven novels.

·  You can renew books at any moment by pressing the "reset button" button.

·  Sometimes, some games will offer the user the capacity to perform various personalities, bringing distinct           viewpoints to a novel.    

·  Occasionally, the player's suggested decisions are focused on past scenarios, behaviour and converting

Chapters: Interactive stories are a new kind of game that requires your active participation in creating the story and leading towards the end. The game is getting immense popularity, and hence we recommend to give it a try immediately.

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