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By: hosangudayan | December 14, 2019


King of Avalon is a well-known strategic battle game that has changed the view of the simulation battle game for millions of players around the world.

King of Avalon is developed by Century games, and they have made many more games before, but King of Avalon is a masterpiece among their all games. 

In the King of Avalon, players have to build a strong and big kingdom with a strong army too. It may look easy, but it’s a tough task for every gamer because players have to spend so much money on that. 

There are several features that are available in the game, and these are mentioned below –

Features that every player should know –

The developers of King of Avalon have provided so many features in the game to make it more interesting, a...

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By: hosangudayan | November 10, 2019

Zombs Royale is a fantastic game based on the Battle Royale genre. In order to start playing this game, you should know some important tips and tricks.

It is also crucial to understand the importance of in-game currencies as well as other resources. If you are playing this game, then you may know the importance of gold that plays a vital role.

Well, it is not easy to earn gold in the game, but you should try to collect it as much as you can. With the help of acquiring enough gold, you can survive in the game for a long time without facing various complications.

Complete challenges

To earn gold, there are many challenges and tasks which you should complete to unlock gold. No doubt, gold can be earned in many other ways, but completing chal...

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By: hosangudayan | October 30, 2019

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is one of the fantastic fashions and story-based games introduced for Android and IOS platforms by the Glu Games. Every player in the game needs to create, design their Avatar besides can live their dream life.

By creating the house and choosing the abundant experience to live helps you to explore more fun besides reducing daily life stress quickly. Many features, quests, challenges, currencies also included in the game, which makes it super incredible.

When it comes to progress in the game faster, users need to adopt master tips, tricks as well as strategies. In the post, we are going to discuss some of the kim kardashian hollywood cheats and tricks to achieve personal goals faster.

Purchase a car as soon as poss...

By: hosangudayan | October 24, 2019

Game Of Thrones: Conquest is an exciting battle, as well as RTG game, comes up with its exciting missions, tasks, rewards, and challenges.

Every player needs to lead their house, gather resources, allying, fight with threats in the game. Due to its 3D graphics, advanced features, functions, simple controls make the game more fabulous as compared to others.

The game is available on iOS and Android platforms. Yes, you heard it right, there is no need to pay charges for playing the game as it is freely offered.

You can find many exciting as well as hard challenges in the game while leveling up. But it's not an easy task to complete all missions faster like cutting a piece of cake.

Here we are going to mention some master tips and tricks to pr...

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By: hosangudayan | October 19, 2019

Popularity Of Episode Choose Your Story is mushrooming day by day only because of its great and amazing features. If you are the person who likes to play a simulation game, then this game will prove really a boon for you.

Make sure, and the game is really amazing that includes lots of great features that are liked by millions of players. Everything will work according to the decisions of the player, so if you think that you are not working well in the game, then simply use the passes in order to unlock all the stories of the game.

It would be really worthy for you to use the gems with useful methods.

Moreover, people just want that they should earn the experiences along with the currencies in the game, so this is totally possible because t...